Missions Newsletter


From your missionaries in central Africa: Ken & Sue Sawka


“Bring us Bibles!”

 Earlier this week I and my two Zambian co-workers visited a remote area near where we live in central Africa. The principal of the local school met us and asked if we could please come and speak to the students. What a blessing it was to encourage the eager children we found at the school and see the great HUNGER in their hearts for more of God’s Word.


We spoke to the class about God’s love for all people and how we wanted every language in Zambia to have access to the Bible. However so many of the students didn’t have knowledge of the Bible. Only three children said they owned a Bible, but it wasn’t clear if they really had one themselves, or may have only seen a Bible. Even if they do have a Bible we were not sure that it was in a language that they could even understand.


We were blessed, however to give the school some copies of the Gospel of Mark that had been translated into the local language during our last missionary term. You were a big part of that translation work through your prayers and support. So thank you for blessing those children!


As we were leaving the principal’s last words rang in my ears, “Bring us Bibles”.


How is your Hunger for God?

How many Bibles do you own? Are you thankful that it has been translated in your language? Are you amazed at the wonderful message of the Bible; that God would give His own Son to die for you? And are you daily strengthening your relationship with your heavenly Father by reading His Word? Not realizing what we have in Christ brings terrible consequences not only to us personally, but to the entire world.


What the World Needs Now

Tomorrow we send our two children, Isaac and Elisabeth, back to Kenya to their missionary boarding school. Sadly, their spring break time with us is over.

Earlier this month Muslims attacked a school in Kenya and killed 147 students. In obedience to the Koran they singled out Christians and let Muslim students go free, (Surah 5:51, 8:39, 4:47) [i] (Study the Koran and see what it says for yourself. You can download the Koran for free at http://www.musily.usi.ch/documents/english.pdf.)

Only when the Church realizes the great riches we have in Christ, can the evil of Islam be defeated. Only God’s love can enable us to reach out in compassion to Muslims who believe they are doing what is commanded by their religion. Retaliating in violence will not win the war against terrorism. The only answer is in Christ. [ii] 

The more we know about Christ, the more we know what we have.[iii] Our hope is that you would know the great riches of all we have in Jesus and become more and more compassionate for a lost world. (Colossians 2:2-4).


Thank you for standing with us in this missionary work. Your prayers mean much to us.


In His Love,

 Ken & Sue

Sarah, Elise & Isaac




Rejoice in the Lord!

  • For the hungry hearts in Zambia ready for God’s Word.
  • Our co-workers, Daka and Salimo, returned from a successful trip with the Kunda Bible translation project.
  • We had a great time with Elisabeth and Isaac during their spring break.


Pray with us:

  • That we would have a greater love for Muslims and all who do not know Christ.
  • Pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters in Africa and the Middle East where Islam dominates.
  • Pray for safety for the journey and the remaining months at the missionary boarding school in Kenya. Elisabeth graduates in July.


[i] Some other verses from the Koran which Muslims cite for the reason for their attacks are the following:  Surah 4:89, 9:5, 47:4, 9:123, and 8:67.


[ii]  T. S. Eliot said, “To defeat a religion, you need a religion.” The allegiance to Mohammed as a prophet must be replaced with the true message of Christ. Study this comparison between Jesus and Mohammed at http://religiousleftexposed.com/home/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Jesus-vs-Mohammed.pdf. See also http://dwharrison.com/Answers/?id=MUSLIMS for more on the comparison of Islam and Christianity.


[iii]  This quote is from a book, There is no one like Jesus, by Blake Western (2015 Ambassador Books). Although I have not read much of the book it sounds like a great read for anyone who needs to rekindle their love for Christ.



From your missionaries in Papua New Guinea: Gary and Peggy Rosensteel


Greetings all from Ukarumpa in  the Eastern Highlands!

We had intended to return to East New Britain in mid-May, but God brought about a number of circumstances that clearly indicated that we should stay longer. Gary was able to help the Baruga language team with consultant checking of 8 epistles. Thank you for your prayers regarding that. (More associated with the Baruga language in an upcoming “Ama Engini”.)

This will be just a quick email to ask you to pray with us,  specifically for the next two weeks for some Ura consultant checking that was able to come together relatively quickly here at Ukarumpa. A fellow Wycliffe translator who is now living back in the US with his family contacted us a few weeks ago letting us know that he would be at Ukarumpa for a few weeks and would be available to consultant check for other teams as part of his time here. We corresponded a bit, contacted some of our Ura team and, amazingly, were able to get them from Kokopo to Lae (a coastal town about 3 1/2 hours away) on a commercial airline last Friday. They are only here for a little over 2 weeks.

The goal is to check 9 short epistles (1&2 Timothy, 1&2 Thessalonians, Philemon, 1, 2, 3 John and Jude) in about 10 working days. We feel like this is reasonable, but surprises (and attacks from the enemy) can come. Will you pray for Gary, Lagun, Jon, Mänsäng and Brad (the consultant) that God’s empowering would be upon each one for this checking time? May lights go on, clarity be given and the ability to communicate well with each other be granted. May all of our families be protected during this period. It can be an intense time.

As a follow up to our recent need for funds for a new water tank out in the village of Gaulim (due to recent earthquakes), God has met our need despite my (Peggy’s) inaccurate figures for the amount needed for a 4500 litre Tuffa tank (as opposed to a 1000 gallon Metal tank). The actual amount needed was a bit over $1000 and the amount that came in was just over that amount. Thank you for your prayers and gifts and thanks to God for speaking to your hearts!! 

Rejoice with us that some dear friends have given their house to us at Ukarumpa. (They are returning home with their 12th grade graduate son for an extended time, as we did with Aaron when he graduated.) While we now become Ukarumpa homeowners with a bit of fear and trepidation, we are hoping that this will ease some of the packing up and moving in and out of a “translator lodge” when traveling to and from East New Britain. God is good.

We will keep you posted.
Grace, peace and our love in Christ to each one of you.

  Peggy, and for Gary